Castle Howard
Awe-inspiring Ancestral Home

Located just south of the North York Moors National Park, Castle Howard is an awe-inspiring tourist attraction. Considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural designs in all of Yorkshire. The house was built in 1693 for Charles Howard – replacing the castle that had burnt to the ground. The castle has been featured in many films – no doubt due to its beautiful surroundings. Castle Howard sits between two magnificent lakes in a thousand acres of landscaped parkland within a 10,000 acre estate of prime arable farmland. Distant views reveal the skill and foresight of its architect in designing a house in such a very attractive setting on a hill above the rest of the village.

You’ll have an in depth look at the architectural style of the period as well as an understanding of the history of the area while exploring Castle Howard. You can explore the various rooms of the castle on your own or join a guided tour. The castle is full of information relating to its history and architecture. The Chapel is an amazing part of the castle that you won’t want to miss. Many of the statues and pillars in the castle have won awards for being the grandest in all of England.

The marble entrance of the castle takes you into a very long hall lined with statues. The arched windows are huge! At the center of the castle is the breath taking cupola. Throughout the castle you’ll view exquisite art and antique furniture. Take your time enjoying all that this wonderful house has to offer.

Outdoors you will be taken by the astrology fountain. The trails lead throughout the 1,000 acres of the garden. There are benches and resting areas along the way for you to rest, relax and catch your breath.

Castle Howard features four cafes, so you’re sure to find the food that is just right for you. It can be difficult to choose though – they all serve a mouth-watering variety of delicious foods. There are many gift shops, and even a play area for the children to enjoy. The most popular shops are the book store and the chocolate store. The plant centre sells various plants and flowers that you’ll find growing on the Castle Howard estate.

The Farm Shop was opened in 2005, and has been very successful. The shopping area offers fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, various cuts of meats, crafts, and speciality jewellery. The idea behind The Farm shop is to give residents in the area as well as tourists the opportunity to purchase a variety of items in one central location.

Castle Howard is an amazing place to visit, offering you a very rewarding tour of art, architecture, and history. Many of the exhibits are changed frequently, offering new and exciting items for you to experience on further visits. Throughout the year, the estate hosts a variety of outdoor events for families to enjoy.

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