Stately Homes of Yorkshire

The Stately Homes of Yorkshire were built on a truly grand scale. Land and wealth were inherited by the fortunate few ruling families. Passing down from generation to generation or crossing family boundaries by marriage. Ever grander ancestral homes were designed to celebrate the mighty power of the landed gentry and to demonstrate the successful business acumen of their owners.

Castle Howard…

Considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural designs in all of Yorkshire, Castle Howard is an awe-inspiring tourist attraction. The house was built in 1693 for Charles Howard – replacing the castle that had burnt to the ground. It has featured in many films – no doubt due to its beautiful surroundings. Castle Howard sits between two magnificent lakes in a thousand acres of landscaped parkland within a 10,000 acre estate of prime arable farmland… Read more about Castle Howard

Harewood House…

Harewood House near Leeds in West Yorkshire looks like something out of a fairytale story book – a very stately, stately home. The house was built between 1759 and 1772 by Edwin Lascalles, the first Earl of Harewood. A very wealthy man both socially and politically. The house is centrepiece to 4,000 acres of fertile Yorkshire countryside… Read more about Harewood House

Yorkshire’s stately homes come in all shapes and sizes and may be on the coast or in the countryside. Sewerby Hall which commands an enviable view over the North Sea a couple of miles north of Bridlington was built in the eighteenth century. The hall and estate are now managed by the East Riding Council and is open to visitors throughout the summer months. Click here for more information.

Nostell Priory is another grand house built during the eighteenth century – surely “the” century for home building on the grand scale! Today the priory and estate are owned and run by the National Trust who open the parkland all year round. The beautiful gardens and house are open at certain days and times throughout the year. Opening times and lots more information can be found on the National Trust web site. National Trust Nostell Priory

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