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The setting, winter's sunshine lights up the boats in Scarborough harbour - drawing to a close a beautiful, crisp January day.
The setting, winter’s sunshine lights up the boats in Scarborough harbour – drawing to a close a beautiful, crisp January day.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme …

Well – the fair may be long gone, but the popular, busy seaside town of Scarborough still welcomes thousands of happy visitors each and every year. With its miles of safe, golden sands and seafront walks it has been attracting holiday makers, young and old, for centuries.

Scarborough Fair itself must have been quite a spectacle in its day. At forty five days it was a very long fair for medieval times. Merchants, tradesmen and visitors from all over Europe were attracted to its pleasures and business over a period of five hundred years from the twelfth to seventeenth centuries. Would you have visited then? It sounds to have been a jolly, festive occasion! I think you would have found me there.

Arguably the best known version of the song is the Simon and Garfunkel version. Taught to Paul Simon by popular folk singer Martin Carthy during a visit to London.

The Scarborough seafront is split in two by a rugged headland and forms two bays – predictably North Bay and South Bay. The town, sitting loftily, atop limestone cliffs, looks down on South Bay – overseeing families playing on the beach, excited children riding for the first time on donkeys with names such as Doris and Bluebell.

Couples walk along the seafront, taking in the sea air, stopping sometimes for an ice cream at one of the stalls along the way. Fish ‘n’ chip cafes jostle on the sidewalk with amusement arcades and bingo stalls. Out on the shimmering waters of the bay, a pleasure steamer circles around the arm of the harbour as she returns her passengers from a trip round the bay.

Picture of Scarborough pleasure boat
Scarborough pleasure boat

South Bay cradles the busy, two basin harbour that sports its neat, sparkling white lighthouse at the seaward end, by the entrance. The inner basin is home to the fishing fleet and fish market. When the fleet’s in there’s no place busier – it’s a hive of industry! The pleasure boats – sailing yachts and motor boats use the outer basin and this is home to the Scarborough Yacht Club.

Picture of colourful beach huts at Scarborough. Courtesy of Malcolm Hutton
Colourful beach huts at Scarborough

North Bay is traditionally the more gentle area – home to Peasholme Park. Mind you, on a wild and windy day the promenade around the headland affords anything but a “gentle” stroll! It’s a healthy, enervating walk though and sets you up for a good cuppa round the other side. Enjoy a relaxing ride on the North Bay Railway. While the ride is less than one mile, it offers great views of the cliffs and headlands that cradle the bay.

Scarborough Castle stands proudly on the headland – commanding uninterrupted views over the two bays, up and down the North Sea coastline as it must have done down the centuries.

This video shows some lovely views of Scarborough in the winter sunshine. It was put together by Les Hutton Photography at Hilltop Photo Gallery where you will find, not only the photos in the video, but more images of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.

A hop, skip and jump to the north will take you to Staintondale and the Staintondale Shire Horse Farm. Here you’ll meet five shire horses – adorable gentle giants together with a variety of other horses and ponies. Each day there are live shows featuring the horses and some clever cowboy tricks. All adds up to a great day out!

Lots of activities and attractions both outdoor and indoor abound. They’re all here! These are what have brought thousands of holidaymakers to “be beside the seaside” here for generations. All this and more is waiting for you to enjoy.

Sunset over Scarborough Harbour brings a stunning, colourful glow to the end of a beautiful, crisp winter's day in January
Sunset over Scarborough Harbour brings a stunning, colourful glow to the end of a beautiful, crisp winter’s day in January

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