Malham Beck Hall

Yorkshire Dales Village

Malham is a very small village located towards the Southern end of the Yorkshire Dales. The landscape is interlaced with drystone walls constructed out of limestone. There is even a small stream that runs through the middle of the village. Once well known for its prosperous mills and mines, today the village and surrounding area is a well known tourist attraction.

The main attraction here is Malham Cove. This is a breathtaking limestone cliff standing 260 feet tall. Standing atop this vantage point you have an amazing view of the village nestling below. While up here why not take a walk around the tarn – the lake formed in a dip above the cove. Malham Cove has been enthusiastically described in many works of art and literature.

Gordale Scar is a dramatic, photogenic gorge that people use for camping and hiking. It is believed this particular gorge was created during the ice age as melting water created a cavern. There are still several waterfalls that roar through the gorge.

If waterfalls are of interest to you, then make sure you see Janet’s Foss during your visit. You can start by admiring the double waterfall. There are also paths you can walk along down to where the water enters the river. The area is used for swimming and fishing.

The village hosts many annual events. One very popular event is the Malham Show. A family show featuring agriculture methods that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The event features a trade show, parade, food, dancing, and games. Great fun to be enjoyed by all!

The Town End Farm is a stop you have to make while in the village. You’ll find a variety of ales, wines, and beers here. This is the place to find delicious foods including sweets and homemade cakes. You can also purchase unique gifts here. Enjoy a light meal in the tea room with delicious flavours of teas, muffins, soups, and sandwiches.

Enjoy some fun at the pubs in Malham. While they are open all day long, the real fun begins when the sun goes down. Stop in for a few drinks and a great meal. You’ll get caught up in the excitement of the atmosphere these pubs offer.

You’ll find some of the best bed and breakfast accommodations in all of England. Many of them are within walking distance of the main attractions. You might, instead choose to stay at a hotel, holiday cottage, or one of two amazing camp sites.

The area surrounding Malham offers many spectacular scenic views for those who enjoy being outdoors. The natural wonders found here are among the best of the many amazing attractions in England. The area has a wonderful history and rich culture to explore. Find yourself mesmerized by the tranquil open spaces and the thrilling waterfalls. You will also enjoy the great food and fun atmosphere always on offer here.

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