Cavers’ Favourite

Clapham village nestles in tiny Clapdale in the shadow of Ingleborough – one of the Three Peaks. Today it is a wonderfully peaceful backwater – since the building of the bypass. I remember it from the 1960s and ’70s as a notorious bottleneck on the main A65 West Yorkshire to Kendal trunk road. The old road through the village negotiates sharp bends around the ancient buildings and crosses the River Wenning on a very narrow hump back bridge. I’m sure the village’s residents breathed a sigh of relief as the last truck rumbled through and all major through traffic took to using the bypass.

Caravan sites, campgrounds and picnic areas abound, letting you spend your days exploring the area as you please. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail. Walk beside the lake, smell the wild flowers, and end up at the Ingleborough Cave. The trail is lined with wonderful Alpine trees.

The Ingleborough Show Cave offers explorers of all levels of expertise the opportunity to find out about the intricate passage ways and formations. If you’re like me and get out of puff easily – don’t worry – the tour is well within your capabilities! Its passages were hidden until 1 837 when the natural dams closing it were washed away during a flood. Small streams of water still flow through the cave on their way to larger waterways. This cave is believed to be one of the most fascinating wonders in all of England. You can choose to take the path on your own or have an experienced guide educate you on the caves history as you explore it.

Each year, the end of the Ingleborough Cave is turned in to a winter wonderland – Santa’s Grotto. This is a magical experience for children from two to ninety two. The area is buzzing with elves working to help the great man prepare for the big day. Each child gets to meet with Santa as well as receive a small gift from him.

The River Wenning rises at Clapham, flowing on through Upper and Lower Bentham to Wennington before joining the River Lune. The River Wenning is a wild brown trout and salmon river offering pleasant walks along marked trails. It is popular with kayakers who enjoy “running” the river.

Give way to an urge to shop – the village market place has a great selection of quality items to choose from. Then take a break from your shopping spree in one of the relaxing tea rooms or fun filled pubs. Enjoy wonderful restaurants with amazing food choices.

Make sure you take time to stop in at The Old Manor House. Better known these days as the Witherspoon’s Emporium, well known for its large variety of arts, crafts, wines, and delicious favorites. Jenny Scott’s Beckside Gallery is the place to find collectibles including teddy bears and beautifully embroidered items.

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Clapham also has many other lodging options to offer. Choose from various sized holiday cottages and apartments, hotels, campsites, and bed & breakfast locations. No matter where you stay, you’ll find the quality of the accommodation in Clapham to be very satisfying and the welcome to be warm.

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